November Challenges!

November Challenge 2013

PiBoIdMo = Picture Book Idea Month = Thirty ideas in thirty days!

Thank you, to Tara Lazar for pulling this challenge and hundreds of children’s writers together. You are super fabulous as is your blog and all the support you have provided us with through the month.  I enjoyed the daily inspirational posts from all your talented, amazing writing friends.

I came up with fifty-five  headings. After that, each day I would highlight one and try to come up with characters, plot, and settings. I love writing daily and will continue to work through my list and hopefully something, like maybe, a picture book will evolve and get published.


Writing For Kids (while raising them)  blog by Tara Lazar

My Continuing Challenge of Juicing (Lunches) 64 days!

Whole Foods Market in Ann Arbor has been the highlight of my juicing experience, thus far. I love the city, and the store. I have per-ma grin all the way through until check-out. There is so much to experience, but mostly it is their line of organics that jump-start my adrenalin. I feel like I’m getting the best ingredients for the money. If I’m going to continue juicing on a daily basis, I want to put top quality raw foods in my body.

For a snack we sampled roasted root vegetables, white fish, and grass-fed beef pepper steak, along with assorted Greek olives, from the all natural buffet bar.  The array of flavors were absolutely scrumptious. To wrap up our day, we ended with a stop at several of the many surrounding shops and two more Christmas presents purchased. A totally fun, productive, healthy day.

The Last and Most Difficult Challenge of November

This was my first Thanksgiving without either of my parents. The month came, even though I didn’t want it to. I didn’t want to cook, I didn’t want to eat out at a restaurant and I certainly didn’t want to go anywhere-except to Mom and Dad’s house like we have the past thirty-two years. Nothing was the same or would it  ever be again for the holidays. The first couple of weeks of November I struggled with what to do about dinner. My thoughts kept going to my mom. This was her favorite holiday. It’s so hard to believe she has missed this meal for three years now. She loved turkey and everything that goes with it, the preparations, parades, and most of all, the time spent with family. I made up my mind to dedicate this holiday to her and I would cook as she taught me to. And I did! The meal came out close to perfect, the only thing missing . . . Mom and Dad.



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2 responses to “November Challenges!

  1. Oh, I’m almost in tears! So, So Sorry about your loss…. when I lost my father two weeks before Thanksgiving I was devastated! I didn’t think things could ever get better. They did, but there’s still a hole in my heart every Thanksgiving. I’m so happy you decided to dedicate this holiday to her, I’m sure she’d be pleased! She would also be pleased with your accomplishments… 55 ideas in 30 days??!!!! Celebrate!
    PS… we love the Whole Foods in Ann Arbor too!


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