My favorite book series in the self-help genre is;  The Secret, The Power, and the The Magic, by Rhonda Byrne. These are the only books that I re-read and re-read.
It’s a set I never loan out. 
For one, I have personal sticky notes on many of the pages. 
Two, they are my safety net, and have saved me many times in the past few years from sliding into that pit where no one wants to go. The words in these books work for crabby days, hours, or even moments, well for me at least they do. They have never failed to lift my spirits and make me feel more positive and grateful for what I have and whats to come.
The Secret Series boasts positive quotes throughout. These quotes are from the most successful people in all time, some of which include: Jesus, Edison, Carnegie, and Einstein along with many more scientists, inventors, and theologians. 
One of the main things is to believe and visualize, know what you want, know it is yours, and make preparations as if it is already yours. 
I have been preparing and using the visualization technique for the past three years about owning a place on the water. I’ve always known I would, someday. I just didn’t know when it would come. Almost all the paintings hanging in my home have water and I enjoy escaping into them everyday. Some have been hanging for years others more recent as you’ll see below.
Here’s the short version of what began two summers ago.
The fourth picture, came from a moving sale down the block from Dad’s.  I knew I didn’t need a darn thing, but was compelled to go for a walk shortly after I had arrived that day. You never know what fun treasures you may find in another person’s dregs. 
After checking everything over at the sale and not finding anything on the tables that spoke to me, I said my goodbyes and started to leave when I noticed a framed painting hanging on the fence. It had the perfect title, Simple Pleasures. I was instantly in love with the painting and knew I had to have it. I also knew that this was exactly what I wanted for my own waterfront property. Truly, it was the best six bucks I had spent in a long while. I hugged my painting all the way back to Dad’s. He laughed when I yelled, “This is it, Dad, this is our new place.” 
I hung it in our family room above our sofa and told everyone who would listen that this was what I was looking for and would someday find. 
Sure enough, I found this treasure in real life, sooner than I had thought. I knew it instantly the moment I stepped from my car, I stood on the hill, breathless. It’s overflowing with life’s simple pleasures. I’m bursting with gratitude!
Favorite Paintings hanging in my home – Notice any similarities in the last two?
Lilies On The Pond, by Mitchell Scheidel

Detroit River Reflection, by Mitchell Scheidel
        Garden of Prayer, by Thomas Kincade
     Simple Pleasures, by Jim Hansel 

  Dreams Do Come True, photo by M. Scheidel


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