Coconut Oil And It’s Miracle Uses

I remember the days when Mom had a crock mug in the fridge filled with bacon drippings. She used them in pretty much all her cooking and baking. Then due to  research on animal fats being so bad for peoples heart health, there was the push to use only vegetable oils and shortenings in cooking and baking. Lard became a bad word in most households. Corn, canola, and peanut oils had the spotlight for awhile, then the olive oils, virgin and flavored took over. Recently, coconut oil is taking the lead. Sam’s Club even has the giant sized jars and they were on the end-cap last week.

I’ve been following  Dr. Mercola’s website and holistic advice for several years.  Coconut oil and its many impressive health benefits have come up numerous times. You can search for his articles by typing in key words at the top of the screen once you are on his page.

Check out this blog article in  Delicious Obsessions 122 healthy uses and reasons to use coconut oil.

PiBoIdMo-(day 13) My November picture book challenge is going well. I’ve come up with over sixty subjects and am picking one everyday to expound upon. Today’s writing will be about, A Bad Case of the Sillies.

Juicing – (43 days) is also going well. I’ve found a few recipes I like better than others, still far from being my favorite beverages of the day. The feel-good feeling after drinking it makes it worth it though. It’s the same feeling after you have a good exercise work-out. Not something you actually look forward too, but always happy you took the time to do it when it’s over.

This morning for the first time I tried a juice made with all fruits for breakfast. Blueberries, Cranberries, Apple, Grapes, Kiwi, and Pineapple and an ounce or two of coconut water. I threw in a piece of ginger root also, it is one of the best things for the cholesterol issues, so I add it to about everything I make.

*Note: I’ll be leaving this blog site soon. I apologize to everyone who has tried to sign up to be a member and for what-ever reason have not been able to. I also found that those of you who have been able to successfully sign up are not getting the emails stating that I’ve updated. This makes me sad since, for one it takes several hours for me to write these and I’ve just finally figured out how to do all things on this site, like adding pictures and links. Plus I have given this address out on business cards and now it will be obsolete. I just hate wasting time.

I will post the new site address once I get it all figured out. Thank you so much for reading my words and supporting my writing career. Sometimes even a writer can’t find the words needed to express great appreciation.


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