PiBoIdMo Five Days In

So far so good, I think! On this 5th of November I can proudly say I have five picture book ideas. Now, to be truly honest, I have only written bits and pieces of thoughts on these certain subjects. There’s no rhyme or reason to it all, as of yet. I’m just running with whatever pops into my mind. It makes quite the word jumble, let me tell you! Between all the ideas, I have only written about 900 words, so far.

This is completely different than the 2010 NaNoWriMo that had me frantically writing 6000 words a day, although, I must admit, no less challenging.  My brain is spinning in all directions, morning, noon, and night. Below are the first five picture book subjects that my ideas are based around.

Day 1 – nicknames
Day 2 – insects
Day 3 – leprechauns
Day 4 – mud
Day 5 – ice cream eating contest

Hopefully to help inspire me to come up with tomorrow’s picture book idea, I drove to a nearby park to clear my head.  After two fabulous hours of walking and snapping over fifty pictures of the autumn allure surrounding me, I still hadn’t come up with tomorrow’s subject idea. There were blowing leaves, plenty of vivid colors, pooping dogs, squawking geese, chattering squirrels, but none of these things made me think of a picture book I wanted to write.

It wasn’t until later in the day when I downloaded the pictures, I realized I had found a treasure after all. My inspiration for tomorrow’s picture book idea is the man below holding a metal detector.

Day 6 – searching for treasures



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2 responses to “PiBoIdMo Five Days In

  1. Perfect….sometimes things are right in front of us and it takes us a while to realize it. Can't wait to read what you are going to write. Keep up the great work….love your stories ❤


  2. Thanks Barri! I'm so happy someone is interested.


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