PiBoIdMo – The New Challenge!

Since my first novel was inspired by participating in the 2010 NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  I’ve decided to try my hand and test my brain at another writing challenge this November.

The working title on the NaNoWriMo certificate above is, “Don’t Even Go There!” It has been changed to, “Holler’s Pond” for the moment.

There is another writing challenge called,  PiBoIdMo. (Picture Book Idea Month) Click on the acronym if you are interested in registering or want to know more about this promotion. There is tons of writing support along with prizes to be won by those who complete this challenge. All you have to do is . . . come up with an idea each day for a picture book and work out as many of the details as you can. (protagonist, animal/human, theme, conflict, fiction/nonfiction, age, etc…) You don’t actually write the manuscript, that’s what goes on the top of your 2014 New Year’s resolution list.

So far to prepare for this challenge, I’ve talked to the children’s librarian at Bacon Library and picked her brain for some needed materials in the picture book department. I’ve pulled my old idea file from many years ago to see if I can refresh some of those thoughts.

My desk is clean, sort of. The Peaceful Piano CD set is out and ready to be played on repeat…Two days left until the fun begins. I’m honestly excited to do this! If you have any creative vibes to spare, send them my way.

My hope is to get at least one idea that is workable into a picture book. That sounds doable out of thirty . . . right? We shall see! If you have any thoughts or suggestions about what children need in the picture book area, leave a comment below or email me. Wish me luck!

Juicing Continued! 4 weeks complete! Yay!
I’ve replaced my regular lunch with a 12 to 14 oz.  glass of raw vegetable juice and have done a single day juice fast – two times. My goal was to do one once a week…I better get on that!

If you are just joining my blog; My entire reason for doing this is to lower my cholesterol numbers naturally without medications.  I won’t know the result of that for awhile yet. I’ll get blood drawn in five months to see if there is any change.

A few people have asked this same question, so I’ll share my answers below.

Question: Have you noticed any changes since you began juicing?

My Answer:   A few. Here they are:

1) My skin is feeling better, not so dry.

2) I know TMI, but I’ve discovered by adding beets to my daily diet…Any fluid or solid that exits my body takes on a pink/reddish tinge. This scared me at first until I read that this WILL happen to anyone who eats beets, raw, juiced or cooked.
3) I’ve lost almost five pounds. This is without changing any other thing in my lifestyle. Not my goal, but hey, I’m good with it!
4) My point of view…I about hyperventilated from excitement when my husband took me to a Whole Foods store in Ann Arbor. (Almost as adrenalizing as a book store) I truly loved being surrounded by such wholesomeness. I wanted to touch, smell and taste everything, all at once. The prices were better than anywhere I’ve seen. The entire grocery store was filled with anything you can think of and everything was natural or organic, not only the edibles, but lotions, deodorants, shampoos, paper products, etc. They had a bakery, deli, and olive bar, coffee bar, snack bar and even a help yourself hot meal buffet bar. I was disappointed we had eaten before we went there.

So yes, noticeable, gradual, wonderful changes are certainly happening. I feel better about myself and my overall health by putting organic and natural things in and on my body. Will all this help my cholesterol numbers? I really don’t know. For right now . . . I am enjoying the feeling good part and thinking positive!

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Thank you again for your support and the privilege of sharing my words with you.


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