Bright Spots & Smiles

Whenever I walk, it never fails that I find something in nature to brighten my day and cause a grin. Two autumns ago, I began carrying my camera. It had been a perfect day with the rays of sun landing on the trees, just right.  Each block I passed got more and more breathtaking. The older sprawling trees in the neighborhood canopied over the streets intertwining their array of colors. It was an amazing sight! I’m hoping this autumn will be as stunning.

There’s nothing like a nip in the breeze and the first scattering of slow floating leaves. My only regret is the dreaded dreary treadmill, since I’m a fair weather walker. There’s nothing but a few centipedes to take pictures of in our basement.

Yesterday, this shot of pink caught my eye in a dull cemented back alley.  The lone rose spoke to me telling me it’s story.

I thought this picture would make a fun story starter, or a “caption this, photo.”   Please feel free to share your thoughts with me on comments or in an email. I would love to post some captions next week. Let me know if you want your name to appear or not.

As I was appreciating the crunch of leaves beneath my steps, a scurrying in a nearby tree had me searching for the clamor. There was a plop on my shoulder and I realized, thankfully, it was only an acorn that fell (or was tossed) from above and not a gift from that large hawk I had noticed earlier.  A couple of frenzied squirrels came to a complete stop and stared at me, there was silence, and then the race and chatter commenced. I stood still and enjoyed their silly show.


Update on Juicing . . .

Week two completed with at least one raw juice drink a day. Today I splurged and had a Green Apple Detox from the juice bar at Total Health Foods in Wyandotte. Mango, strawberries, apple juice with a shot of wheatgrass added in. Making healthy choices(at least one meal a day) can be totally tasty or sometimes NOT! I’ve had a few taste disasters while experimenting with recipes.

Great News! I discovered another market called Better Health, in Taylor on Eureka, that sells organic foods and vegetables. The pricing wasn’t as bad as some and there is an all organic/all natural cafe inside. (I didn’t try anything today)


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  1. Love the pictures and I'm glad the juicing is going well!


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