My Backyard Buggers

As I was going through pictures from this past summer, I noticed I still have a thing for bugs. They fascinate me . . . at a distance that is. Thank goodness for zoom on my camera.

Baldfaced Hornet Hive, this is larger than a basketball and pretty well hidden in my neighbors apple tree.

 Guess some bees like to swim in lime-a-ritas.
 Charlotte the spider busy preserving her next meal.
 She is the size of a half dollar. I’m waiting for some words to appear.
 The fly was gone in the morning.
 Love the dragonflies.

 Katydid on my backdoor.


In regards to my last post . . .my new juice machine is a monster and defiantly growing on me! Totally chews them up and spits them out! The pulp, what little of it there is, has an almost dry powdery feel to it. I have been emptying the tray  into the garden to recycle. (Another suggestion  is to freeze the pulp and put in soups or stews) This is the start of  me composting and growing my own organic veggies next year. The expense for organic food is ridiculous and disappointing.

Well, it’s been an entire week and I have to say, being honest here— these are not my favorite beverages,even though some are the same color as Merlot. I still feel extremely good about consuming these concoctions for lunch. I’ve gotten better at judging how much to make and the clean up has gotten quicker. I figure adding the required servings of vegetables per day to my normal diet, can’t do me any harm, and will hopefully keep me away from prescribed medications. I am DETERMINED to stick with this!

Thank you Kohls for making it possible for me to own this juicer. First I received a thirty percent off coupon (That always makes my day!) and low and behold in their next catalog, Kohls ran the Omega juicer on sale at around half off. This all happened at the time I was  researching the benefits of  juicing. My  only hesitation was, I didn’t have a juicer, only a blender and a food processor, neither will work for juicing. The machines they recommended in the book were expensive. Did I really want to invest in another small appliance? So I was still undecided until the coupon and the sale. I also had  ten bucks in Kohl’s cash to put towards my purchase. I’m thinking this may have been another one of my signs? I was meant to do this! So I shall! It is my last resort to lower my cholesterol numbers. I will get blood work done in six months to see if this works for me.


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