Got Veggies? Why, Yes I Do!

Interesting books! Now to see if it really works! 

I have inherited high cholesterol. My doctor is concerned considering my parents past medical history. He started me on a medication with statins. After a month or so, I had terrible muscle pain and weakness. The meds worked though, my numbers went down, he was happy,  I was not. I kept thinking there has to be a better way . . .  My parents were on so many prescription drugs I had to create a spreadsheet just to keep track of them all. Prescriptions were going to be a last resort for me. I stopped taking the cholesterol medication over two years ago.

After all my research on drugs containing statins, I can’t bare to put them in my body. Being mostly a naturalist I’ve tried exercising, watching what I eat, taking vitamin supplements, and the numbers still aren’t coming down. (slight decrease) So it’s time to try something more aggressive. Well for me this idea is aggressive.

While looking for alternatives to help lower cholesterol, I found this book and several others that are available and make the same promises. I’ve also had several friends who are extremely pleased with the results.

The above book not only claims to help lower cholesterol (but if you stick to juicing regularly) it could help soften wrinkles, cause weight loss, restore your health, (even from disease and broken bones) and along with feeling years younger, you may get rid of cellulite and create extra energy. The testimonies are impressive. I’m still a bit skeptical.
These to-good-to-be-true health benefits can happen with short juice fasts and periodic (recommended two to four times a year) five day detoxes for your internal organs. (colon, gallbladder, liver, kidney)
Never being a big fan of fruit and vegetables, (head down-looking ashamed) I doubt if I have ever hit the daily recommended amounts of two to five cups . . . until yesterday and certainly not fresh or raw, mostly out of a can.
Okay, I got my brave on, and decided to begin with a one day juice fast.
Admittedly, the recipes I tried tasted better than I had thought and I truly didn’t get hungry. The only one I didn’t care for was what I had for dinner, a cold broccoli soup, mixed with onion, red pepper, celery, and garlic. I am anxious to try more mixtures.

I reminded myself all day about how good I was being to my insides. That helped!

Now that I’ve succeeded in doing one whole day juice fasting and survived, I want to do at least one veggie juiced meal a day. Since I adore breakfast and dinner foods, I thought lunch would be perfect for juicing. Then maybe once a month do a juice fast. If I can collect enough yummy recipes, I may attempt the three day fast next month. I work hard to take care of the outside of my body, so why not take better care of the insides?

I’m starting slow and we’ll see what happens. 

Here’s a before and after picture of my first veggie meal. (This recipe made two servings, one and a half cups each) Yay, I already have lunch made for tomorrow.
ginger root
half peeled lemon

There’s a website listed below if you are interested in finding out more and if not . . . I totally understand!

Here is a blog address with a great question and answer page about juicing and lots of other information.

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