Only Heaven Knows!

In my previous blog post and on my website  I mentioned that I had received signs, and that these signs had gotten me through some terribly rough times. I’m talking about the . . . “I’m done! I can’t do this anymore…times.”  

I refer to them as, “My love signs.”

The first sign happened after Dad had taken a fall and was declining quickly. His appetite was dwindling which was a rarity for him. He seemed angry at me when I asked him anything. Things were getting worse. I could barely wake him to take his medications, let alone eat something. Feeling helpless and ready to give up, I thought maybe I could get him to eat his favorite snack even though it was a big no-no. I grabbed the bag of potato chips purposely making a lot of noise in hopes of triggering his appetite, even a tiny bit. I poured a few chips on a paper plate and right in the center of the plate, in the center of the chip . . . was my sign. I took it as:

Carry on Mel, see, you are loved, even with all the crabbing, and grumbling.

The second sign was the day after Dad passed away. I felt so sad, alone, and lost.  I wasn’t sure how a heart could feel so heavy and empty at the same time.  I decided a walk may help to calm my nerves. I crammed a few Kleenex in my coat pocket along with my cell phone.  A few sneaky rays of winter sun was enough to melt the snow from the sidewalks. After several blocks in the nippy wind, I was feeling a bit out of breath.  I had to stop. I raised my head to blow my nose and wipe my eyes and then did a double take and wiped my eyes again. The vision in front of me was just what I needed to see at that moment, on that day. Did anyone else see it? I have no idea. Was I meant to see it at exactly that time. I believe I was. I had stared mostly at the ground up until this point.  A warmth ran through my entire body. I knew I was feeling everyone’s love and my heart was definitely lighter. Message taken!

My third sign . . .

About a month had passed and I couldn’t get the whole life-after-death thing out of my mind. I had read bible verses about heaven and bought books about the after life. The answers I searched for weren’t to be found.  I wondered how long it took to get to heaven and if Mom and Dad had actually met up yet? How and when would I know they were truly okay? These thoughts troubled me for weeks. Then one morning, right before my birthday, I opened the vertical blinds, and to my surprise there were two mourning doves sitting on the deck railing. They stared at me as I stared at them. I couldn’t believe they didn’t fly away with the swaying, swinging  blinds. They only scooted closer to one another.

I grabbed a cup of coffee with the intention of watching Good Morning America, but the doves distracted me with their movements. They cooed loudly, snuggled, rubbed each others necks, even appeared to be kissing. One would fluff up, then the other would fluff. One would scoot away and the other would follow until they were touching again. I found myself smiling at the loving scene and knowing these birds mate for life, warmed my heart . . .  and that’s when it hit me. My sign!  I finally got my camera, figuring they would fly away either before I got back or when I opened the door, but they didn’t. I snapped several shots of them. They visited on that deck railing for over three hours that day. After that, I haven’t had any doubts about Mom and Dad being together again. I just know! And as far as the doves, they have not visited my deck since. I’m hoping they stop by next year to wish me a happy birthday, too.

Another successful sign!

If your are asking or feeling that you need a sign…remember to keep your eyes and mind open! I believe they are there!


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