Since I last posted in this blog, some major changes have happened in my life. Some sad and some
Crazy Freakin’ Fabulous!

My roller-coaster ride came to a complete stop on February 23rd when Dad passed away.  I had more adjusting to do than I thought. I hadn’t realized I never mourned Mom properly because Dad needed extra care once Mom was gone.  Dad’s death slammed me like a double whammy. I didn’t even know who I was anymore or what was expected of me. My husband is uber self sufficient, my boys are grown and my full time + job was caring for my dad.  I can hardly believe it was over two years.

While Dad was sick I used positive affirmations to keep myself from slipping into the pit of depression. A very dear friend invited me to attend a free on-line bible study. (only ten weeks) She thought of me because this particular study was written for people who are dealing with hard battles and  feeling alone. This was my first bible study and I couldn’t believe the calm it brought me. I was able to sleep when I thought rest was impossible. I’m so grateful for this friend and will always remember the Wilderness Wanderings study.

Both the study and affirmations kept me afloat along with tons of loving support from my husband, sons, family and friends. The positive quotes have become a habit. I still enjoy sharing them with my Facebook family each day. If things in your life get so bad or you feel you have no where to turn, I highly recommend Sheryl Pellatiro the author and teacher of Solid Truth Ministries. Her giving gift of love is phenomenal along with her writing.

After several more months I have recognized two things: I’m an orphan now and I’m truly a grown up. No one will ever treat me like their child again. I always felt like – the kid – when Mom and Dad were around. I will always miss them, love them, and be forever be grateful to them.


The first thing is: I finished my middle grade novel and have sent it off to several publishers. This blog began with the Nano Experience Past and Present and that’s where I created the beginnings of  Holler’s Pond. Guess I need a new name for my blog . . .

Second is: In those long quiet days, Dad and I  reminisced many times about his and Mom’s favorite place in the whole world, Fletcher’s Pond. Dad was introduced to this 9000 acre flooded forest when he was a young boy, fishing with his dad and brothers. It was instant love. He was born to be an outdoors man. He later shared that intense love with Mom and me. We camped all my life in that one spot. We started out in a tent and four decades of memories later, ended with a trailer with a real roof, walls, and even a porta-pot inside.

Once the campground became privately owned and we left in 2006, there was a huge empty void within all of us. Mom, Dad and I discussed many times the needing of a place to go and just BE…to connect with nature, to rest, to get away. They both felt it was a necessity for their grandsons and great granddaughter as well. They encouraged me to follow my own dreams of one day owning lake front property and create my own magnificent memories.

So of course the first place I checked for property was . . . on or around Fletcher’s. When there wasn’t anything for sale and I was told there probably wouldn’t be, I remembered the one thing Dad said many times.  He wished Fletcher’s was closer to home. So naturally I made up my mind, if I couldn’t have Fletcher’s property, then I would find something near home. I never dreamed I’d find something an hour and half away and so soon.

Well, with guidance and signs and a crazy path I stumbled upon my dream dwelling. It is a peaceful, safe place for  family and friends to visit and create scads of fun memories along the way. To me, it’s spectacular with it’s large deck, water-views, walking path and the wooded area across the small lake. It has more than I ever dreamed of or even hoped for, plus a few extras…and both my parents have shown me in their own spiritual way that this is the absolute perfect place to . . . BE.

Shorter blogs to follow-I promise!

The journey – absolutely magical!

The stone was purchased in memory of my fun, loving, fishing parents.


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