What’s Next? More School & Another Contest

In a previous post I mentioned the two poems I entered in a contest. They weren’t chosen, darn! Oh well, maybe next time. I’ll rework, revise, rewrite and keep submitting, because that is what writers do. And it just so happens, that is exactly what I love doing.

Institute of Children’s Literature(ICL) has invited me to take another course with them, called “Writing & Selling Children’s Books.” This course can take up to two years to complete. My previous two courses at ICL took about eighteen months. I love the one-on-one with the instructors. It is truly the way I learn best. I’m anxious to get my materials and text books and get busy. I will be using my NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)Novel throughout this course to edit, revise, and strengthen scenes, characters, plot, and format. I’m so EXCITED to get started and find out how I can make my book the best it can be.

If you have any interest in entering a writing contest? Read information below.

Win up to $500.00 for writing a 900 word middle grade(9-12 age) mystery and get published in Children’s Writer. Enter by April 30th.

Click here if you are interested in the details to submitting something…Middle Grade Mystery Contest.

Good Luck Everyone!



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