I’ve had to put my novel aside recently to care for my father. Which is exactly what I am supposed to be doing at this time in my life and in his. He needs me more than my book right now and I’m grateful and honored to be able to be there for him. He’s always been my hero.

As sad as it is to see my dad’s declining health…It’s a good thing to put a piece of writing work aside for awhile and then go back to it later. I think this is exactly what my book needs right now. I will look at it with fresh eyes at some future date.

In the meantime I’ve been working on smaller projects. Children’s Writer has a poetry contest happening until Oct. 31. I revised and sent in two of my poems. One poem is about a tiny nymph who struggles to survive. It is no larger than a grain of rice who has six legs, gills and no one to ask advice. The title is All Grown Up and it’s about a water nymph turning into a dazzling – – – – – – f l y.

The second poem is about children sitting around a campfire and the stories begin. They include a dead man named Fred whose remains are still locked in a shed and a serpent who slithered through the water and stole a camper’s daughter, where he took her no one knows. All they found were her two red toes. Later a large animal enters the scene…awakening a child with…. a strange sound… a slurp, a spit, things hitting the ground. A swish a shuffle a grunt and a groan. A sound of cracking or is it gnawing of bone.

The mystery of Fred and the campers daughter is solved around the next nights campfire…MUHAAAAAAHA (evil laugh)

The camping poem, titled, THE CAMPFIRE is part of my novel. So I guess I’m still working on my novel in a small way. And I’m always thinking about ways to improve my characters and scenes.

So all is good and I’m right where I’m supposed to be doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

What more can one ask for?

Quote of the day…”so inner happiness actually is the fuel of success.” by Dr. John Hagelin


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