SCBWI-MI Spring Conference and Encouragement

Attending the writing conference last Sat. has once again encouraged and motivated me to move forward with my novel. Spending time and conversation with other writers was just what I needed. I was in a workshop with Pete Hautman, an author of many awards and books for middle graders. I enjoyed his presentation and sense of humor. The writing exercises he had us do were helpful in thinking each scene through. So on to the next revision.

Here’s a few sentences from chapter two. Sam having five sisters wasn’t happy about a girl (named Alex) being on what he thought was an all guy weekend with his friend Jason (cousin to Alex).

As I sat in the boat about fifteen feet from my trailer, I watched Jason’s friend Sam shuffle from one foot to the other impatiently outside my trailer door, grumbling about how girls are never ready when they are supposed to be. He had lost the rock, paper, scissors game last night and won me as a fishing partner for the contest today. He didn’t know how lucky he was.
I cleared my throat. “Samuel. Down here! What took you so long?”

Please send any excess creative thoughts you may not be using at this time. Appreciated!


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