R & R Continued With A Preview

My middle grade (MG) camping adventure novel was created this past November for the(NaNoWriMo) National Novel Writing Month and is now in the process of R & R = Rewrites and Revisions. With steps 1, 2, and 3 complete, there is nothing left to do except keep moving forward. Here’s a little sneak peek of what I’ve been working on the past few weeks.

#2Everything I’ve heard and read says an author almost never starts their story at the beginning of the first draft, but at the first sign of action.I’ve reviewed three chapters with lots of action and have decided on chapter five in my rough draft to be my chapter one. (Warning: this may change without notice at any given moment). Comments welcome!

#3I’ve also made another important decision. After several experiments with writing in third person, the young girl in this story has made it crystal clear she wants to tell her own story. So my main character or protagonist has decided that it’s to be done in a first person voice, and that voice belongs to Allie.

As strange as is might sound, it is important for authors to listen to their characters. They are always right.

The first chapter involves sounds in the middle of the night, the kind of sounds that wake a twelve year old girl from a sound sleep.

I woke holding my breath. I listened; there was a snort, a loud sniff, a few grunts, and then some cracking, like sticks breaking. Someone or something was outside my trailer.Maybe I shouldn’t have stayed alone in this tin can tonight. Maybe I shouldn’t have listened to those silly campfire stories. But I couldn’t help but think of them now. Dead Fred and the missing camper’s daughter, and did prisoners really escape from the prison ten miles away. Rachael, I’m never going to forgive for canceling this weekend. I reached for my slingshot beneath my pillow. I’ll teach those boys a lesson if they think they are going to scare me.

The jigsaw corners are in place, the straight edges are all in a line and connected, now to sort through the middle and ending pieces. Another glass of Merlot….Please! This is going to take awhile.

Stay tuned for more samples from each chapter as I R&R.(rewrite and revise)


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