R & R Has Begun! My Steps 1 2 3

R & R =Revision and Rewrites
Writing 50,250words in the month of November was a challenge for sure. Finding the correct place for all those words is sort of like trying to put together one giant jigsaw puzzle and realizing another giant jigsaw puzzle got mixed in the same box. Sorting the pieces is an overwhelming job.

The pieces have to fit perfectly in the proper place or the picture will be all wrong… after throwing many pieces off to the side, the correct ones will be left. One piece at a time I will create… one spectacular plot and fabulous sub plot along with colorful characters. That’s the plan anyway.

The first thing I did was to turn on spell check and correct all the words with the squiggly lines. (There weren’t as many I thought-yay)

Presently I’m on step number two … Looking for two chapters where my story might begin. My starting point from Nano, was just that, a starting point, and was terribly boring. I deleted the entire first chapter. I’ve made my decision on possible starting chapters and have finished writing the novel with one, now I will try the other and see which one works best. I’ve also been reading middle grade children’s novels to figure out which structure or format will work best for my style of writing.

My step three will be to decide if I’m writing this story in first person or third person or maybe both. So these are the things I will be concentrating on for the next several weeks before I begin scanning for better ways to intertwine sub plots, strengthen characters and add hints and humor.

One step at a time, one piece at a time. I’m not sure how many steps or pieces it will take to complete, but I am moving forward with passion, a smile and probably a glass of Merlot or two or three until this novel is finished and published.

If any Nano participants want to share how they began working on their novels post Nano, I would love to hear how you are sorting your pieces…



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